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Best Australian Songs of 2018

Criada por Amazon's Music Experts

The best songs from this year in Australian music.


1Youngblood2Bloom3Chasing Stars4WOW5About You6Take It To The Heart7Faces8Never Ever9Be Alright10If It Kills You11Fooling Around12Downtown Shutdown13Church14Day Drunk15Wish You Well16Give Me My Name Back17Sugar & Spice18Get To Know19Passions20Wonder Drug21Body22Nameless, Faceless23Up In The Clouds24I Said Hi25Futon Couch26All The Pretty Girls27A Bastard Like Me28F**ked Up Over You29In the Air30Wish You Were Here31On My Knees32How to Socialise & Make Friends33Leave Me Lonely34Black Magic35I'm A Mess Without You36No Place37Potential38Hurt Nobody39No Ordinary Life40Limo Song41Mainland42Viv in the Front Seat43Sometimes44Otherside45Formaldehyde46Girls on the TV47Molotov48Fuego49UFO (feat. Allday)50Kissing Boys51Your Mum52My Body Is An Ecosystem53Following Fools54Don't You Know I'm in a Band55Couch56Let Me Down57My People58Coming Home59Juno60Campfire Song61In the Shade62Djolin (Musical Instrument) In D Major63Saturday Sun64Happy Song (Alternate Version)65Dancing66Bringing The House Down67Take It Off68Make Time 4 Love69Pride70Like People71You Let My Tyres Down72Endless73Alchemy74Losing It (Radio Edit)75I'm Tied, To You (Edit)766am77Simple Luv78Peregrine79You Can Count On Me80Fade81Revelation82D483Saints of the Sinners84Old Habits85No One Defeats Us86Sunglasses87I Miss You88All My Issues89Riding The Wave90Medicate91Short Hair92Prey93Broke Machine94Yours95Origami96Show You97Come Let Us (feat. Gregory Whitehead)98Just Call