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Criada por Amazon's music experts and updated weekly.


Criada por Amazon's music experts and updated weekly.

The best in alternative electronic music. Cover: Tiga & Hudson Mohawke.


1Silence Of Love2Comedown Chorus3Cut4Glower5Sarcosuco6Epiphania7Alyosha Lying8Over & Over feat. Ready In LED9Strength10CAPONE11Magnetism12Stay The Night13Oral14GHOST (SBTRKT REMIX)15Always Ascending16So Alive (Jacques Greene Remix)17U Make Me18Iss Good19Simulacrum20Ankledeep21'ever do you want22Watch Me23Dreams24Change25Shake step26EST27Klexos28Backshifting29S e x30Ringtone31The Highest Level32ten33Babe Ruth34Halo Flip35summer in the rain36Heart Can Still Somersault37Wildfire38Mouth to Mouth39Birth400040YOUR NAME41About You42gimme43No Trip44Grown On Me45Side Gurn46Protection47Flourish48Define Dancing49How Music Makes You Feel Better (Edit)50Goodbye (Erol Alkan Rework / Edit)51Pulse52If53Killing Bee54Fussy55Broken56IN ORDER 257gr etiquette58Pulse V59Diamond60Deadbeat Gospel61Camelia62Bomb S**63Gloves64Let U Fall (radio edit)65FUCT66JOY (Back On 74)67Let Yourself Go!68Foxes69Second Nature70Its me ( g 8 )71Whispers (Rave Mix)72Outer Reach73Babe74Higher75Clickbait (This Ain't Hollywood) (DJ Tennis Remix)76Staying In Touch (Tom VR Sunrise Mix)77Atma78r (EMOTE)79Open Hearted (radio edit)80COLOR feat. Séverine81ZiGGY (DJ-Kicks)82I Can See83apple juice84Serotonin85Ballon Sogni86To be honest (SG Lewis Remix)87Shimmer (Edit)88BLIND89Quasar90Everything91R&L92Drift Into The Algorithm93Dreaming94Vajkoczy (Edit)95Too Close96Tell Me97One Breath98ZP Dub99Sour Berry100Skipping Like A Stone [feat. Beck]101Ready [feat. Art School Girlfriend]102Watch Me Dance (Edit)103I Still Believe104Voices105Diario106Breathe (Looking At Gibraltar)107Carbon Dioxide (Avalon Emerson Remix)108Come Back109Like Water to a Fish110In The Rain111An Amazing112Everything Alright (Dam Swindle Remix)113Makeshift Tourniquet114Necessary Genius115Push Power ( a 1 )116No Limit117Blow Out118Take What You Can119Seasonal120Blackbox Life Recorder 21f121Blackoak122Jus U (Edit)123Yeah You!124One More Chance (Radio Edit)125Rhythm Of The Night126it's sky time127Space Between128VOICES II129Everything I Do130Like Flowers