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Metal Scene

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Loud, supercharged metal music to stir up some mayhem in your world. Cover: Alpha Wolf & Ice-T


1Sucks 2 Suck2DOWN (feat. Malevolence)3Death Grip4ZERO5Miasma (feat. Winston McCall)6Fractured7Black Star8Evidence9Continuum10Overthrone11H.A.T.E.12The Catalyst13Creature14We Go To War15Seeing Red16Sleepless Deathbed17Keeping Secrets18Red19Fractured State of Mind20backfire21We Only Come Out At Night22Kool-Aid23Eyes Wide Open24Blue Reverie25UNGØD26The Serpent and the King27TO THE FLOWERS28Dante29Paradigm Trigger30In the Dark31Bring Back The Noise32I Hope You Choke33Wash It Away34Designer Shroud of Turin35Emerald Dragon36Closure37No Turning Back38DROP (feat. Randy Blythe)39Burn MF (feat Rob Zombie)40Cure41Into The Sun42Cellar Door43Become One44From Ashes45ARE YOU AFRAID?46Re-Vision47Limitless48Trial By Fire49You & I50The Beautiful Dark of Life51PULSE52Meat & Greet53Lockdown54Passenger55Nightmare56Outer Dimensions57Death by a Thousand Cuts58Collider59Revelation60Stay Alive61Mourning The Dawn62SELF HELL63Forgotten64Two Alive Amongst The Dead65Castaway66AFRAID TO DIE (feat. Tatiana Shmayluk from Jinjer)67Calamity68L'inversion des pôles69Perpetual Terminal70With Regards71Immortal72New Colors73Take Shape (feat. Billy Corgan)74AmEN!75Panic Attack76So I Set Myself On Fire77This place only brings death78Weird Punx79Power Game80Bleed Out81Omen82Shadow to Shine83SILICONE DREAM84Oblivion85Put To Death86Punchline87Anodyne88Ultraviolet89Ghost Of Me90To Wilt Beneath The Weight91Inhumane92Take Me Back To Eden93Older Days94Anunnaki95Surrender to failure96Irreversible97Unfamiliar98Pink Push-Up Bra99Weight Of The World (feat. We Came As Romans & Brand Of Sacrifice)100GODMODE