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The Launch

Criada por Amazon's Music Experts

The Launch is back - updates every Wednesday straight after the show with this week's winners single

22 músicas • 1 hora e 18 minutos

1Emotional (The Launch Season 2)2Don’t Say You Love Me (The Launch Season 2)3I Got You (The Launch Season 2)4Down To The Roots (The Launch Season 2)5Hope (The Launch Season 2)6Better (The Launch Season 2) [feat. Boi-1da & KILLY]7Ain't Easy8The Lucky Ones (THE LAUNCH)9Soldier Of Love (THE LAUNCH)10Wide Awake (THE LAUNCH)11Codes (THE LAUNCH)12Giants (THE LAUNCH)13Better Off14Strange Little Girl15So Many Ways16Heaven17Insensitive18Relentless19Counting Stars20Good Times21Je décolle22I'm a Mess