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Made in Canada: Hard Rock & Metal

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Canada’s hardest-rocking acts of all time

39 músicas • 2 horas e 50 minutos

1The Unknown Knows2Fantasy3Rock You4The Spirit Of Radio5Rock out, Roll On6Stonewall7Metal On Metal8Animal I Have Become9Shotgun Justice10Slowly Slipping Away11Oowatanite12Under the Influence13Outsider14Not Quite Sonic15Metal Woman16One More Try17Bricks and Mortar18Metal Queen19Reanimation20Riding High21Violence & Force22Do You Wanna Rock23Figure Your Life Out24Heavy Metal Shuffle25Are You Ready26Twenty Something 27Stormbending28Hey Operator29Greed30Conscience and Consequence31Bloodmeat32Love? 33The Lion34Holding onto Emptiness35Let the Blood Run Red36Raging Bull37Heavier than Metal38Ain't Dead Yet39Where We Started