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Breakthrough Alternative

Criada por Curated by Amazon’s Music Experts and Updated Fridays

Emerging artists in alternative music. Cover: Arden Jones


1toxic crush2Feel Something3Bottom of the Ocean4Twisted Sense Of Humor5landline6lighthouse7this might be our last december8Out of My Head feat. Aaron Gillespie9You Ruined Nirvana10Loving Is Easy (Amazon Original)11beautiful day12Oysters In My Pocket13DNA14Weird Sad Symbol15Love Language16Playin' Me Back17Melted Into Two18Haircut19MEAN!20junkie21DIRTY WHITE VANS//22not a home23crash my car24i don't wanna be yours25Colours Of You26Been A Son27Cage28Forever29self sabotage30Shooting Star (feat. Sum 41)31BOLT TO THE HEAD32The Rhythm33prom34Trying to Be Nice35Glad You Came36The Box37Tightrope38No Saving You39hate to be lame40Tokyo41The Kitchen42Colour Me Blue43we'll make this ok44Therapist45things will change46Funeral47made for you48how could you do this to me?49Shapeshifting50rx51Lady Lightyear52CHASING DAYLIGHT53Shed Head54BORED55DIE OUT HERE (feat. POORSTACY)56I HATE SUNDAY57castle with the cobwebs58Step Mum59Upgrade60Come Around61Wild Ones62Apartment Complex on the Eastside63Getting Used To64Roadkill65Speeding 7266Nice67Cate’s Brother68JUMPSHOT!69BLONDE70Jane71Alive (feat. Smallpools)72the other side73Don't Lose Sight74Electrify My Love75Killing Me76Bloodrush77Little Miss Innocent78nightmare79Company80iScream81Tongue Tied82News At 983all i ever wanted (was you)84BEESWAX85Empty in My Mind86Kill The Girl87Gimme Spirit88Scene Kids89Paracetamol Blues90Hiding in the Dark91Feelin' Good (Could Be Better)92All In My Mind93Happier in Hell94horror story95We All Wear Black96AFTER THERAPY (feat. Hot Mulligan)97Tunnel of You98I Don't Mind