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The best new alternative releases. Cover: Lord Huron


1Best Thing2Flatline3Long Lost4You Stupid Bitch 5hailey beebs6Crawling Kingsnake (Edit)7Choked Out8Cloud 9 (feat. Tegan and Sara)9Trailer Trash10Dover Beach11Like 1999 12Games13Stuck14Shy Away15Hey Michael 16congratulations 17Cut & Run18I'm Fine19La La La20April 7th21Hurricane [feat. HON & SMBDY]22Vertigo23skeletons243 O'Clock Things 25Spinning26Bottle Rocket27Skinny 28I'm So Bored29Are We Having Any Fun?30Haunted House31Osaka32Set The Table33Destroyer34Repeat35Heat Waves36torture37Let There Be Drums38Spirit (Acoustic)39World Is Fucked 40Once In A Lifetime 41New Dress42How It Feels43Fall in Love Again44Palms 45Big Cat Judgement Day46What's Wrong47Catch Me 48Serotonin 49Happy Endings (feat. iann dior and UPSAHL)50Ball And Chain51Blinding Lights52Can't Keep Waiting53Numb 54Spaceman55Change My Mind 56The Kids57deja vu 58PATCHWERK (with Two Feet)59Survivor60Seasonal Depression 61You (Acoustic)62CLOVES63PORCELAIN64Way Less Sad65It Gets To A Point 66Keep Moving67Nowhere Generation68No Trouble69Light Switch Sky70The Melting Of The Sun71South Side72I Don't Hate Your Friends73Adventure Is Out There74Feel Good (From the Netflix Film YES DAY)75You Can Get It 76Hell Yeah77exception78Never Tear Us Apart79Juliette 80Lamb's Wool (with Poolside)81Shut Up (feat. phem & Travis Barker) 82Mine Forever83R U HIGH (feat. Mallrat)84You Don't Own Me85I Eat Boys86Palm Reader [feat. UPSAHL]87After Coffee88First Time89Life On Mars? (Live At A Bowie Celebration 2021)90Sticky91Sorry I Am92Keel Timing93Woah Man94Bored95Cheer Up Baby96Losing My Mind (Stripped)97How Am I Still Alive? (with Lydia Night) 98Start Again99Part Time Psycho100Cutthroat