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Halsey at Home

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Songs handpicked by Halsey for us to enjoy while we're all together at home.

36 músicas • 2 horas e 20 minutos

1Be Kind2Bros3If You Want To4yellow is the color of her eyes5You should be sad 6The Keeper7I Don't Know How To Love8Age of Consent (2015 Remaster)9Bad Decisions10Lost In Yesterday11clementine12Tieduprightnow13See Through14Best Years15Take Yourself Home16929 17Me & You Together Song 18Certainty19Something Has to Change20She Said212122Now I'm In It23Your Girlfriend24She Plays Bass 25Flame26Can I Call You Tonight?27Daft Pretty Boys28Fight or Flight29Forever ... (is a long time)30Skin Game31Into the Waves32Disintegration (Remastered)33waiting on the weekend34Scott Street35Seventeen36Dominic's Interlude