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Best Australian Songs of 2021

Criada por Amazon's Music Experts

Highlights from a huge year in Australian music. Cover: Baker Boy, Genesis Owusu & Middle Kids.


1STAY2Ride [feat. Yirrmal]3Questions4Love Songs Ain't for Us5Higher6Waitin' on Ya7Glow8Next to Me9Swing of Things10Sunscreen11Missing Piece12Days Like This13Superglue14the man himself15Love Is Real16Goodbye17Get High18Shadows [feat. Troy Cassar-Daley]19Milkumana20Spike The Punch21Get Out!22Free (Single Version)23Magic (feat. Hooligan Hefs)24SABRE TEETH (feat. Genesis Owusu)25My Ways26Bones27Human28Come Turn Me On29Starting Line30The Aftergone31Stop For A Minute32Apple Crumble33Good Thing34Waste A Day35Walking On Your Name36Stranger Love37Angel Baby38Breakups39Hard For Me40Lights Up41ONE42Summer Fr3aks43Hertz44O.N.E.45Break46Lemonade47LEGACY part 248Just My Luck49Lots of Nothing50Rose Pink Cadillac51'Til The Next Time52My Heart Is In The Wrong Place53Carnage54A Second to Midnight55Chemicals56Cashmere57Herald58Hide With You59Born For This Bullshit (feat. Sad13)60We All Have (feat. Matt Berninger)61This Enchanted62People Happy63Startin' Something64Rescue Me65Get Sun66ZOOM IN67Smashmouth68Back Seat69Mine70The Drip71Playing With Fire72Dino's73Blue74too many feelings75We Are The Youth76It’s You, Not Me (Sabotage)77Do It All Again (feat. George Alice)78Sentimental79Complicated (feat. Young Franco)80Dream No More81Most Hated Girl82In the Stone83Astronaut84Will To Power85Heaven86Little Things87Won't Sleep88What Other People Say89Overdue (feat. Trapo)90Wild Hearts91Rising Seas92Run Out Of Road93Song About A Boy94Nothing Yet95Fuzz Jam96Juno97Lover Automatic98About A Girl99Open Fire