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Sound of the UK. Spotlighting the best UK R&B.


1Heaven2Over you3Around The World4Gaslight 1015downtime650/507Obsessed8Send Your Loving (feat. Tayc) [Remix]9Walk Like This10Hold Up11Motion Sickness12Crystal Tears13fly on the wall14Make It Make Sense15suitcase of memories16Wrist On Freeze17Girlfriend (London Girls Mix)18Dubai (Demo)19Honest20I Deserve It,21Rain22Often23Fight you24Should've Known25Oh, Wait...26MET YOU AT A BAR27lord I've tried28It's Been A Week2940 Days30Troubled Ones31So Sweet32Need A Break33MurMurs Interlude34Someday35Language36The Most37For You38Safe House39hold my face40Lately41ViBRATiON42Murder In The Bed43Zero44What's Luv?45Eating out46Is It A Crime?47Attached48Broken is the man49Hennessy (feat. Blxst)50Tell Nobody51Luxury52Back53Fly Girl [feat. Missy Elliott]54a little love for myself55Gave You My All56There Will Be No Crying57Fire Me Up58Nothing To Lose59No Drama60Trust Fall61Higher (C'est la vie)62Free Falling63Terms and Conditions64Falling or flying65Miss You On My Own66cry now, cry later67homies68Feelings (feat. J Hus)69Little Blue Moon70You, The World Vs Me71Inner Vision72Trust Yourself73Lately74Therapist75Serena76Time Will Tell77Want You Back78LOML79Lover & Friend80Suspended81wn up82Take It Easy (Miles' Song)83Next Day Delivery84She Feels85Wait For You86On Mine87Only88STEP BY STEP89BACK 2 U90Marking My Time91spend the night92Poison93Spirit 2.094Honest95Garden96Say You Love Me97On N On98Purple and Orange99S2BU100Genesis (Remix) [feat. Miraa May, Joyce Wrice & Bellah]