Treasured Momma: Simple Systems For Christian Motherhood

Kori Messer - Kingdom Life Coach, Mompreneur, Womens Bible Group Host, Mom mentor

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by overcommitted motherhood? Do you ever silence your struggle even though you crave authentic support? Have you ever felt unseen, unfulfilled, or guilty for wanting something different? Wouldn’t you love to gain more time to connect in a Jesus-loving, meet-me-in-the-messy-middle type of community? There is a way to replace feeling like you’ve lost yourself in the overwhelm of the day-to-day to-do list. You can simplify and organize your life so you can choose how you spend your time and whom you spend it with Fear, overwhelm and lack of support are exhausting millions of moms daily. I used to give to everyone else at the expense of my well-being. I felt conflicted between serving according to other people’s expectations of me vs showing up authentically as all of me. I knew I was meant for more but I had no idea where to start. Break free from unfulfilling chaos and rediscover your worth as a mom. Choose to live a simplified life without compromising what you deeply desire. Hello, hello momma. I’m Kori Messer and the breakthrough happened when I implemented simple systems to design a life filled with less stress and more memories with my kids without compromising my mental health. I’m tired of seeing women suffering in silence because they feel unworthy, unsupported, or unaware of their value. That’s why I created the Treasured Momma podcast where we talk about: The treasure you carry as God’s Daughter Simple systems for time-saving and peace-promoting organization Routines, rhythms, and real Stories for Godly motherhood I’m so excited to support and encourage you as you experience a shift you perspective from culture to Kingdom in your and reveal the treasure you have within so you can show up in life the way you were designed. I’ll help you courageously connect within and see how you can contribute where you’re called. Rise up to experience a more fulfilling, peaceful, and supported life as you start your journey of living as the TREASURED MOMMA you are. Show up exactly as you are. Let’s connect on this messy journey of authentic motherhood. Listen in! read less
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