156. Rory Callaghan - How to Nourish the Soul and Live Longer with Self Care

Dream Out Loud With Morgan T Nelson

21-08-2022 • 48 min

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Are you seeking the greatest approach to staying healthy while also achieving success?

Do you want to learn the key to a long life?

In this episode, we will discuss how nature is our primary life support system, how to strengthen our health and wellness while creating massive success in life, and longevity, and empowering you on your own personal journey, blending ancient wisdom with a modern lifestyle so that you, too, can be happy, healthy, connected, and living towards a unified and sustainable existence for all, to remind us that we have never needed to be fixed; simply nourished.

Rory Callaghan is an author, a speaker, a health futurist, a digital nomad, and an allied health professional based in Bali. He takes the big picture approach to good health and well-being and has a passion for helping people ignite their human potential and optimize this once-in-a-lifetime human experience. At 26 years old, after working 100 hours a week as a health professional in the service of others, he was forced to pause, take a breath and earn his own health back after completely burning out. This has led him down a path of self-discovery and learning everything there is to know about self-care and how we can nourish our bodies and our souls at the same time, creating a purposeful life.

Check out these episode highlights:
05:21 - What exactly is the true definition of success
09:06 - We always have the choice to choose a way of life that we love
11:12 - What connection is there between the environment and human health
16:06 - How may technology influence our way of life in both positive and negative ways
17:43 - What are longevity hotspots
20:44 - How Does Your Environment Impact Your Wellbeing
26:04 - Emotions drive our behavior more than anything else.
30:01 - Is anxiety actually real
37:35 - How to create massive success in life while maintaining good health
41:51 - How to Master Your Morning Routine for Success

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