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Spooky + Mysterious Aspects of Life: Justin Smith!
Spooky + Mysterious Aspects of Life: Justin Smith!
Hey there and Happy New Year, DETECTIVES! DETECTIVE WRITER to introduce you all to an interesting topic regarding the case of Justin Smith! Proving that miracles do happen after all. On February 25th, 2015, Smith, a 26 year old Pennsylvania native was walking home in freezing cold temperatures after having a few beers with friends when he suddenly blacked out. He had no pulse and was laying on the snow for many hours until his father, Don found him by the road. After his father called the paramedics, Smith was rushed to the hospital to which CPR had begun with chest compressions. Although, it was difficult to get an accurate body temperature reading because Smith was so immensely cold, his determined emergency medicine physician at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, Dr. Gerald Coleman transferred him by a helicopter to another hospital to be hooked on an ECMO machine. In the efforts to warm his blood and then bring it back into the body. Smith's heart began beating on it's own about 90 minutes after the ECMO machine was turned on. Smith eventually woke up 30 days later surrounded by his family. He did have severe frost bite and lost his pinkies and toes as a result; however, upon waking up, he remains truly grateful on the efforts made to save his life, realizing the absolute miracle it was. Smith went back to school with the intent to get a degree in psychology. I hope you have enjoyed this storytime as much as I did, DETECTIVES! Please let me know in the comments if you want more storytime! Have a great day, night, afternoon, or evening, DETECTIVES! Stay tuned for next week’s post; until then, keep on sleuthing, DETECTIVES! --- Send in a voice message: