The Inner Freq Podcast

15-06-2021 • 1 hora 42 min

This was such a fun and candid chat about being a Latinx video artist and filmmaker and the mainly ups and few downs of life as an experimental artist! We get into some really cool thoughts on how culture infuses itself into your work, art and academia, living in a dungeon, navigating the collective consciousness, glitch art and collecting late night messages from a dream hotline. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did and thanks for listening! 🤘

Check out Natalia Rocafuerte's work online!

✨Natalia's Website


✨Glitchart Postcards by Natalia!

✨Interview with Future Front Texas!

Come hang with your hosts Jellotonin (Angelica) and Sleep of Eons (Jorge) while we explore, audio visual art, modular synthesis, experimental multimedia, creative coding, DIY electronics and everything in between! Thank you for checking out our channel and take care homies! 🙌❤

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