The Inner Freq Podcast

10-07-2021 • 1 hora 7 min

Welcome to EP 005 with Marie Ann Hedonia a Baltimore based modular sorceress, electronic musician and visual artist! We were so stoked to finally talk to her and had a fun chat about getting into modular, sharing gear, video synths and visual art, her upcoming projects, demoing vs making music and more!! We've been super inspired by their excellent music, consistent output and generally great vibes and hope you will be too. Enjoy this one ya'll and thanks for watching!

🔮🤘🏽SPECIAL BONUS: Stay tuned after our chat for a special performance by Marie🤘🏽👽

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Come hang with your hosts Angelica and Jorge every other Friday and explore, modular synths, AV art, creative coding, DIY electronics and more! Much love and stay weird homies! 🙌🏽❤

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