Episode 14 - The Christmas Treats Showdown

Text It To Me

16-12-2020 • 0 segundos

Looking for a midweek pick-me-up? Searching for the meaning of life? Enjoy friends roasting each other? They can’t make any promises, but rest assured Peyton Briggs and Autumn Grounds-Menard are sure to make you laugh... At least a little. Join them as they share embarrassing stories, navigate the ups and downs of life, and argue about who is funnier! There’s some ho’s in this house. HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM THE TEXT IT TO ME GIRLS!!  Join Peyton and Autumn while they enjoy some of their favorite things.. food and giving their opinions. Do their rankings make you feel differently about them? Could you ever forgive them for putting apple pie so low? Let’s see if you’re all still friends after this one.  Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/the-text-it-to-me-podcast Email: titm.thepodcast@gmail.com Follow The Girls: IG: titm_podcast Facebook: TITM.podcast (Text it to Me) Autumn’s IG: a.grounds_xoxo Peyton’s IG: peytonb5