Intelligence experts colluded to lie about Biden laptop

The Alan Sanders Show

21-03-2022 • 29 min

In today’s episode, I spend time unpacking the intelligence experts who all colluded with the mainstream media to lie to the American people about the Hunter Biden laptop. The detailed revelations brought to us 18 months ago should have been the front page of every news outlet for weeks. Instead, it was quietly swept under the rug, and spun to make Joe Biden look like the poor, innocent victim of a smear-campaign.

We all know, or should by now, the information on the Hunter Biden laptop is damning for the Biden family. The amount of corruption and pay-to-play revelations is unnerving. But, the bigger story we need to understand, is how entities and agencies in our own government colluded to influence a presidential election. Those very intelligence agencies we entrust to keep ALL Americans safe, not just Democrats or Republicans, but all Americans, have become politicized and weaponized.

The NY Post reached out to the 51 signers of the letter, which was released five days after the Post story in October 2020, to see if they wanted to apologize or clarify their positions. Almost all were “no comment.” Those who did basically doubled-down on their propaganda from the fall of 2020.

But, there is something even worse about this story. So many of those trusted Directors or leaders of the intelligence community are now work in the mainstream media or the Ivory Halls of academia. After peddling their lies and crafting their narratives, they are now in positions to influence and indoctrinate young college students or to use the legacy media to influence those who want to “trust” news outlets. They are in the best places to continue spreading lies and deceit to a mostly unknowing audience.

Finally, as I close out the show, I dig way back into the audio archives to pull out a show on WGBH that had a young Senator Joseph Biden as the guest. Both times he was on after being first elected to the Senate, Biden said some incredible things. First, he told one host not to assume he isn’t corrupt! He literally said those words. Then he went on to say that politicians become beholden to the will of their donors. In other words, as he says himself, you have to prostitute yourself and your positions to get the campaign donations you need to run for and stay in office.

Biden has been aware since the very beginning of his career, he will be under the thumb of the biggest donors and he was okay with that if it keeps him in office. Imagine, over four decades in office, now the President of the United States of American, just how corrupt he has become. We only need to look at the Hunter Biden laptop story, the emails behind it and how the intelligence community, along with their willing partners in Legacy Media, have colluded to interfere with an election and to fool the American people to see just how far this corruption has gone.

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