Pictures on the Scorecard: Finding Creativity in Golf through Logos, Photography, Art, Course Architecture, & People

Welcome to Pictures on the Scorecard, a podcast about the community, creativity, and goodness found in golf. We're going to look at golf from some unexpected angles. We're going to highlight some of the more intangible aspects that surround the game: the people, the communities, and the ideas that make golf endlessly interesting, endlessly creative, and endlessly rewarding. It's been said that there are no pictures on the scorecard, but there are vivid stories, characters, and communities that are being built around this silly game. So, we hope you will join us as we look at the Pictures on the Scorecard.

Seth McWhorter is a graphic designer, branding professional, & owner of McWhorter Creative.

Robby Woodard is a co-founder of BestBall, a golf media company dedicated to telling great golf stories through podcasts & videos. He also co-hosts The Hole Story Podcast.
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