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28-04-2021 • 50 min

Today we head to SuperD!Ville where children who learn differently (and their peers) find out about how their brains work and social emotional learning.  We talk with Peggy Stern, Founder and CEO, and Diana Correa-Cintron, COO, about how SuperD!Ville came to be and how it is helping children everywhere!


SuperD!Ville is a forward thinking and unique multimedia resource that combines videos with real kids and lessons plans for a broad range of social and emotional issues.

Created by Academy Award winner Peggy Stern, SuperD!Ville empowers the 1 in 5 children who learn differently.

Research shows that it helps all students:

Develop SEL skills (self-esteem, resilience, empathy, etc.)

Identify their strengths and challenges as learners

Acquire useful self-advocacy tools for school and beyond

In addition, all of the kids who act in the videos have learning differences like dyslexia and ADHD!

Peggy Stern, Founder and CEO

Peggy Stern is an Academy Award-winning film Producer/Director with more than 30 years experience. Her dyslexia led her to filmmaking and animation at a young age, and in March 2006 Stern won the Oscar for Best Animated Short. Stern has produced for PBS, HBO, Teachers College at Columbia University, The National PTA, and National YWCA among others. She received her BA from Harvard University and her senior thesis film STEPHANIE, was turned into a PBS documentary special and broadcasted nationally. SuperDville is a family affair, as her dyslexic daughter Emma has been a key advisor!

Diana Correa-Cintron, Chief Operating Officer

Diana is an attorney by training, educator and Latino rights activist. She has worked as a public interest lawyer, policy analyst, development officer and consultant for a range of non-profit and educational institutions such as FIU, Columbia University School of Law, Hispanics in Philanthropy, the Bronx Children’s Museum and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and was also awarded a Fulbright Fellowship. As the COO for SuperDville, Diana works in partnership with Peggy Stern on strategic planning, outreach and cultural competency. She is the proud mother of two sons with dyslexia.

You can reach both Peggy and Diana through the SuperD!ville website: https://superdville.com/contact/

Peggy and Diana also discussed SuperD!friends in this episode, which can be found here: https://superdvillefriends.as.me/schedule.php

Full TRANSCRIPT of this episode can be found at https://specialed.law/were-going-to-SuperDville

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