66 - Mental Health and the lack thereof w/ Ben Croft

Church & Other Drugs

20-03-2018 • 1 hora 15 min

This week on another (late) episode of your favorite podcast, Jed and Brad have a talk from jail. Maybe. Brad got a really bad haircut, and he barely has hair, so it's a MASSIVE deal. We also discuss the bane of america's youth...Hop Heads. Stoners. The dreaded..Weed Junkies. Then, our old stabbed friend Ben Croft comes back on the show to talk about mental health. Ben works in the field of mental health, deals with it personally, and has lots of opinions on how it is stigmatized, treated, and untreated. A great listen for anyone suffering. If you or anyone you know is struggling, please reach out. We are always available. At the end of the show, stick around and listen to a brand new outro track by in-house musician Chris Brown. It's a banger. churchandotherdrugs.com @COtherdrugs churchandotherdrugs@gmail.com