Blue Card Command News & Incident Audio from a Routine Fire

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31-07-2023 • 47 min

Are you eager to learn from experts in the field, like Chief Gary Fleischer from the Worcester Fire Department and Shane Ray from the National Fire Sprinkler Association? If yes, then you're gonna love this episode! We'll be talking all about the upcoming Blue Card Hazard Zone Conference in Cincinnati and the invaluable lessons you can draw from it.

This isn't just any other conference. We're talking drone demonstrations, ATF dog demos, and mingling opportunities with those who prioritize the command function and skill. We'll be shedding light on the free SOGs by Blue Card, especially designed for incident commanders and leaders. And that's not all. We'll also be discussing tactical firefighting insights, including the tactical template for big box fires and the advantages of the Big Box class.

We have incident audio from Hamilton County, Ohio at a much fire that extended into a commercial structure.  We'll be discussing the critical roles a division boss and support officer play on the scene and how they could make the difference during an expanding operation.  And, in case you're wondering, yes, we'll also be discussing the significance of having an embedded safety officer and wearing appropriate PPE in the warm zone.

We're wrapping up with exciting information about the IAFD Conference in August (SEE US AT BOOTH 3619). Don't forget to drop by our booth at the conference for some free B-Shifter swag!

This episode features Josh Blum and John Vance.

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This episode was recored remotely on July 29, 2023.