Ask The Chiefs: The Zen Edition

B Shifter

18-06-2023 • 1 hora 5 min

On this episode we take your questions and have a little fun (we can't be all business all the time because that is not good for our mental well being)!

Ever wondered how first responders maintain mental wellness and peak performance in high-pressure situations? Join us as we share our personal experiences with meditation, yoga, and other methods to strengthen mental health and resilience. We'll explore how these practices not only aid in mental health recovery but also enhance incident commander performance.

Throughout this episode, we discuss the significance of finding calm amidst chaos and how our experience as firefighters has taught us the value of self-care. We share various techniques for de-stressing, such as sensory deprivation and yoga, that ultimately lead to better performance in high-pressure situations. As we reflect on our evolving ideas of fitness and mindfulness, we recognize the importance of embracing a more holistic approach to wellness.

As we dive deeper into the challenges of managing experienced crew members and the crucial aspects of tactical command post locations, we also emphasize the importance of mentorship and respect within the fire department. Don't miss this insightful conversation where we share our collective wisdom and lessons learned from our time in the fire service. Tune in to uncover the power of mindfulness and mental wellness in the first responder community.

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This episode features Terry Garrison, Nick Brunacini and John Vance.

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This episode was recored in Phoenix, AZ at the Alan V. Brunacini Command Training Center.