Consolidation of Fire Services

B Shifter

19-11-2023 • 40 min

Today, we bring you an engaging conversation with Fire Chief Greg Timinsky from Star/ Middleton, Idaho. (Greg is also a Blue Card Lead Instructor). He shares his journey of uniting two fire departments, a task that took over two years, but resulted in a more efficient and effective service for his community. Now, they're all one big family with identical uniforms, and a unanimous desire to officially become one.

We shed light on the intricacies of merging government entities, particularly fire departments. It's not just about combining resources, but also about maintaining fairness in terms of wages and benefits. Greg explains the hurdles they overcame to ensure no one faced a pay cut, and how recent legislation unintentionally made consolidations more challenging. We also explore the impact of local politics, tax hikes, and the importance of competitive wages in attracting and retaining employees amidst rising demand.

Finally, we delve into the benefits of consolidating dispatch centers. It's a fascinating insight into how essential services can adapt to meet the needs of a growing and increasingly interconnected community. So sit back, and get ready to learn how consolidating essential services can lead to a safer, more efficient environment.

This episode features Greg Timinsky, Nick Brunacini and John Vance.

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This episode was recored in Phoenix, AZ at the Alan V. Brunacini Command Training Center on September 12, 2023.