Ask the Chiefs: Turnover in Fire in the Fire Service

B Shifter

16-07-2023 • 49 min

Ever wonder why the fire department has such high turnover rates? Or why the young guns seem more loyal to the job than the city they serve? Join us as we torch through these questions, exploring the intricacies of job contentment, application deficiencies, and the scarcity of good applicants. We'll crack open one listener's query on managing turnover while maintaining the mantle of servant leadership. Plus, brace yourself for an intriguing perspective - could it be that today's firefighters are tied more to their profession than their department?

Leadership within the fire department is about setting a professional example. Let's cruise through the power of positive role models and the profound influence they can have on a department. We'll also recount a riveting tale of a shift commander's conduct being questioned and the ripple effect it had on the entire crew. Buckle up for a deep dive into leadership versus control and how the ‘Be Nice’ principle is fanning flames of change in fire departments nationwide.

Now, let's switch gears and focus on strategies for recruitment and retention in the fire service. Ever heard of a  pre-academy two-day assessment? We’ll discuss some strategies and their impact. We zoom in on the potency of relationships in curbing attrition and the allure of being renowned for molding top-notch firefighters. Lastly, we’ll explore the effects of mandatory overtime on morale, the risks of sleep deprivation, and the advent of a socialistic overtime system. Get ready for a sizzling conversation on resolving workforce challenges and igniting retention solutions in the fire service.

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This episode features Terry Garrison, Nick Brunacini and John Vance.

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This episode was recored in Phoenix, AZ at the Alan V. Brunacini Command Training Center on June 1, 2023.