274. What is an Anarcho-Capitalist?: The Election of Javier Milei in Argentina! (English Vocabulary Lesson )

Thinking in English

11-12-2023 • 22 min

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Argentina has elected Javier Milei as their new President. Milei has described himself as a libertarian and anarcho-capitalist… but what does this mean? What is an anarcho-capitalist?
Let’s discuss this on today’s episode of Thinking in English!

TRANSCRIPT - https://thinkinginenglish.blog/2023/12/11/274-what-is-an-anarcho-capitalist-the-election-of-javier-milei-in-argentina-english-vocabulary-lesson/

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Vocabulary List

  • Libertarian (Noun): A person who advocates for individual freedom, limited government, and the free-market .
  • Anarcho-capitalism (Noun): A political ideology and economic theory supporting the elimination of the state, emphasizing voluntary interactions, private property, and free-market capitalism.
  • Nickname (Noun): Informal names given to someone, often reflecting their characteristics.
  • Anarchist (Noun): A person who advocates for a society without government or central authority.
  • Free market (Noun): An economic system where prices and wages are determined by unrestricted competition and supply and demand.
  • Limited government (Noun): A political philosophy advocating for minimal government intervention in personal and economic affairs.
  • Private property (Noun): Ownership of assets and resources by individuals or private organisations.
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