Episode 14 - 2020: Exists. 2021: Hold My Beer.

Buckeye Dads Discuss

25-01-2021 • 1 hora 57 min

Andy and Josh are back together for the first time in 2021, and wow has it been a crazy year already.  We can't help but jump right into the news -  we discuss Trump's call with the Georgia Secretary of State, the Georgia senate results (14:20), and whether Trump will run again in 2024.  Then we dive in to the events of January 6th (23:50), Trump’s insane response, 25th Amendment versus impeachment,  and our immediate reaction to Trump being deplatformed.  Note: we recorded this two days after the insurrection, and our opinions have evolved since then.  We put a bow on 2020, talking about what we learned both about society and ourselves (1:00:00).  We wind down with a quick recap of the Buckeyes win versus Clemson, a quick peak at the title game matchup, and Harbaugh’s extension (1:12:00).  We close out this episode with our List of the Week – the Top 10 most significant events of the 21st century (1:20:09).