29. Aligning values and strategy to scale to your business to multi-6 figures with Hazal Ozturk

Actually, You Can

11-10-2023 • 52 min

In this episode, I have the pleasure of chatting with marketing and business coach Hazal Ozturk about how to build an authentic online brand.

With over 10 years of corporate marketing experience under her belt, Hazal has since started her own business and is helping ambitious entrepreneurs scale their businesses to multi-6 figures with ease and flow. Together, we explore her strategy systems framework and how to use it to create a brand that authentically represents you and your business.

Key Quotes:

"Authentic marketing is a long-term game. It's not about making a big splash now and then, but building a sustainable business." - Hazal Ozturk

"Your voice and the way that you think about things is your magic. When you tap into that, that is what is going to attract your people." - Hazal Ozturk

"You don't need to do anything to earn the right to be loud and to be heard. You are inherently worthy of being seen and being heard exactly as you are." - Hazal Ozturk

"Your personal brand is the foundation of everything you do in marketing. It's what attracts your ideal clients and helps them decide to work with you." - Hazal Ozturk



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