28. Biohacking your way to peak mental performance with Christian Yordanov

Actually, You Can

04-10-2023 • 1 hora

Christian Yordanov, a health consultant, joins the show to share specific biohacks that can optimise mental performance. He explains the role of metabolic imbalances, environmental toxins, and nutrition in affecting our mental performance. He also speaks to the impact of sleep and stress management, and offers tips for improving in these areas. By understanding the various factors that influence our mental performance, we can take concrete steps to improve our wellbeing.

Key Takeaways:

Reducing toxic exposures and optimising nutrition are vital for mental performance.

Biohacking involves finding shortcuts to optimise mental performance.

Lifestyle factors, including quality sleep and stress management, have a significant impact on mental performance.

Supplements such as alpha GPC and CDP choline can boost mental performance.


"Most people don't realise that they're leaving a lot on the table in terms of how well they're sleeping or recovering from workouts or how well their brain works." - Christian Jordanoff

"Detoxify, reduce toxic exposures, and get energy and nutrients into the body on a consistent basis." - Christian Jordanoff

"Biohacking is taking shortcuts or finding ways to optimise processes for better mental performance." - Christian Jordanoff



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