17. Accelerate your success with these 3 key takeaways from 3 months of Actually, You Can.

Actually, You Can

19-07-2023 • 11 min

Welcome to another episode of Actually, You Can. Join me, your host Myf, for a special solo episode celebrating three incredible months of Actually You Can!

In this episode, I share three valuable lessons learned from all of the inspiring guests we've had on the show to date. These three key takeaways will accelerate your progress toward achieving your big goals!

But before you click hit that play button, I want to take a moment to say thank you to YOU.

Thank you for tuning in and engaging with the show. Your support means the world to me and it brings me so much joy to hear how the lessons from each show have inspired you and sparked positive actions in your life.

We're just getting started, and I'm excited about having more conversations with incredible individuals like you, who are out there achieving amazing things. My hope is that these conversations will inspire and empower you to reach greater heights and achieve what you once thought was only a dream.

Thank you for being part of this wonderful community. Stay inspired, pursue your big goals, and always remember, Actually You Can.



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