18. How high achievers can overcome their anxiety naturally with Nikita Maddren

Actually, You Can

27-07-2023 • 43 min

Welcome to another episode of Actually, You Can! In today's episode I am joined by Nikita Maddren.

With her wealth of knowledge and experience as a Naturopath, Nikita has become a guiding light for those seeking natural paths to well-being.

Together we explore a topic that affects many of us—especially high achievers.

That is - anxiety.

From the relentless pursuit of goals to the pressure to perform at peak levels, high achievers face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining mental and emotional balance.

In this episode, Nikita will help us understand how high achievers can identify symptoms of anxiety and, more importantly, how they can begin managing these symptoms.She will share practical tips, rooted in the wisdom of Naturopathy, to support and empower all the ambitious go-getters out there.

So get ready to overcome your anxiety, because Actually, You Can.


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