22. How to turn your small business into a big business with Gerard Seaniger

Actually, You Can

23-08-2023 • 50 min

Welcome to another episode Actually, You Can! Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Gerard Seaniger to the show.

Gerard is a Financial Strategist who over his career has worked for large corporates turning over a $100M as a CFO and has sold businesses worth over eight figures.

It's no secret that owning a business isn't easy. When someone first starts a new business, it's not uncommon to operate in survival mode for the first few months or even years. But with some strategic planning, you can grow your small business into a big business.

In this episode, Gerard goes through the exact methodology he uses to help businesses get out of their own way and become industry leaders. We also discuss what it means to be a successful business owner, why so many small businesses struggle and how you can start to transition your small business into a big one today.

So get ready to learn how to craft a business, that grants you the freedom and enables you to have the impact you've always envisioned, whatever that may mean for you, because Actually, You Can.


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