Captain Kid’s Corner

02-04-2023 • 46 min


Scott Richards Peabody Police Captain.

My next guest is a 25 year Career Police Officer.  In 1996 he started his Police career with the town of Groveland. 3 years later in 2001 he transferred to the Peabody Police Department where he has moved to the top of the ranks.  In Peabody, this Police Officer has led by example by being assigned to many different roles throughout his career.  Such as, going from Street Patrol, Crime Detective and being the Sergeant Supervisor of the Narcotics Division.  In 2010, his rank flourished again becoming a Police Lieutenant. As a Lieutenant he was the City of Peabody’s Shift Commander which brought the responsibility for important different specific roles. He commanded the Traffic unit, the Criminal investigation Unit and was the Patrol Division Watch Commander that over looked  city operations.   He holds many Accommodations, Citations for Bravery and holds many educational certifications under his large police belt.  He holds both a Bachelor and Master Degrees of Science in Criminal Justice. Today, Scott Richards holds the rank of Captain which holds a heavy work load being responsible for many important roles to run the City of Peabody’s Police Department.  Please Welcome to Season 2 Episode 7, Peabody Police Captain Scott Richards.