Captain Kid’s Corner

02-06-2022 • 1 hora 2 min

The year was 1973 when history was made in the United States for women who became Correctional Officers in a all male dominated correctional institution.  Since, that time women Correctional Officers have tripled throughout the country. Today, there are currently 3200 Correctional Officers in the State of Massachusetts. Only 33.8 percent are women Correctional Officers working inside an all dominated male institution. The Commonwealth currently holds approximately 8300 men and women prisoners throughout 16 correctional facilities. My next guest is a 22 year veteran of the Essex County Sheriff’s Department. She holds multiple degrees in Social Work and Criminal Justice. In 2000 she was the only woman in the Correctional Officer Academy which was held in Worcester, Massachusetts. Christine Arsenault has worked in an all male institution with violent offenders, such as murders, rapists, drug dealers, gang members and even child molesters. Currently, she holds the rank of Assistant Superintendent.  Christine has worked tirelessly up the rank’s making her only a few women ever to hold this title in the history of the Essex County Sheriff’s Department. Please welcome a 2003 Employee of the Year Award Recipient Assistant Superintendent Christine Arsenault.

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