Captain Kid’s Corner

06-12-2022 • 50 min

How do you define someone that knows what he or she wants to be in life at such a young age? Most at that age don't even know what they want for breakfast?

At a cool age of 12 years old, my next guest set a goal for himself, to become a military veteran and a police officer.  What does it say about a mature man who then fulfills his quest on accomplishing these goals.  My next guest is a decorated Coast Guard veteran who holds many accommodations and awards during his service in the Kuwait and Iraq conflicts.

Officer Corey Salvo today is in his 13th year as a career K-9 Peabody Police Officer.  He has proved himself as an expert K-9 handler contributing his expertise on some of the biggest cases in the City of Peabody and surrounding communities. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome to Season 2 Episode 6, K-9 Peabody Police Officer Corey Salvo

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