Captain Kid’s Corner

13-06-2022 • 32 min

What would you do if you rolled up onto a motor vehicle accident on a single lane highway?

How far does someone go to help a total stranger who is in harms way- who then puts you in harms way?  What makes a person decide to render aid rather than to ignore the crash and continue to drive by?
My next guest is the epitome of facing adversity straight on and never ever give up whatever the cards that are dealt.
On November 14, 2020 Leo Quirk’s life changed forever.  A EMT, Instructor Coordinator and a Massachusetts State EMT Examiner lost his leg when he was trying to help a total stranger that was involved in a motor vehicle accident. Instead of hiding into a dark place of depression,  Leo Quirk has taken his loss with pride and spirit.  He never gave up when had to train himself to walk again.  Leo Quirk is a champion with a big heart that puts others before him.

Please welcome to Captain Kid’s Corner Season 2 Episode 3 EMT Instructor/Examiner
Mr. Leo Quirk.

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