Captain Kid’s Corner

27-04-2022 • 35 min

My next guest is a 20 year member of the Peabody Police Department and member of the NEMLEC Swat Team.  Currently he holds the rank of Sergeant with Peabody Police Department.  His duties with NEMLEC are Team Leader, Trainer and Sniper.  Sergeant Mark Saia is a decorated police officer that has come into contact with some of the most dangerous and unstable civilians in the State of Massachusetts.  Sergeant Saia is going to take us into the day-to-day life as a police officer, training officer, a team leader and sniper team member of NEMLEC. The Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council or "NEMLEC" is a Non Profit Consortium made up of 63 police departments in Middlesex, Essex, Suffolk County and Two County Sheriff's Departments.  This organization is made up of the most dedicated trained police officers in Massachusetts.  My next guest is a modest, disciplined, well trained and a dedicated police officer.  Please welcome to Episode 6, Season 1 on Captain Kid's Corner Sergeant Mark Saia.

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