S02 E02: OBG + Mellend Take your questions // King Charles // Brewdogs // Standing out on Twitch // Halloween

Streamers Unscripted Podcast

15-09-2022 • 59 min

Season 2 Episode 2 is here: OBG and Mellend crack open some tasty Brewdogs and kick back for some chats.

On this Episode the guys talk about Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III coming in, the queens funeral and how Charles will fill them BIG boots. Mellend pulls in some discord questions from AceKhoda about how we stand out on Twitch, with stream titles, using a decent set of overlays and what games may work for streaming (and the ones that tank).

... and its Halloween next month so OBG and Mellend talk a little about what they do with the kids, how they do or don't go trick or treating and what happens around their area of the UK for Halloween.

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Much love - thanks for listening and we'll see you on the next episode live over on twitch.tv/streamersunscripted