Lock N Load Podcast: Navigating Firearm Carry Laws Post October 1st

Lock N Load Podcast

06-10-2023 • 20 min

Joshua and Michele discuss Connecticut 2A issues, specifically focusing on how to carry a firearm past October 1st when open carry is banned in the state. They clarify that open carry refers to visibly displaying a firearm, and they discuss various concealed carry options, such as carrying inside or outside the waistband, appendix carry, and different holster options. They emphasize the importance of covering the firearm to remain compliant with the law. Additionally, they briefly mention a training holster for practice purposes and discuss where open carry is still allowed in certain situations. They also mention potential legal challenges to the ban on open carry and encourage listeners to explore various concealed carry options. Finally, they provide a discount code for Patriot Wear Holsters and promote their podcast available on different platforms.