Lock N Load Podcast - Episode 4 "CT Pistol Permit Class Curriculum Changes"

Lock N Load Podcast

29-09-2023 • 28 min

In Episode 4 of the Lock N Load Podcast, hosts Joshua and Michele delve into the topic of "CT Pistol Permit Class Curriculum Changes" in Connecticut. They discuss the recent alterations to the pistol permit class curriculum mandated by the state. These changes, set to take effect in October 2023, require instructors to incorporate state gun laws into their teachings. However, there is some uncertainty and ambiguity regarding the specific requirements. Joshua and Michelle express concerns and confusion about the new regulations and how they will affect both instructors and students. They also touch on related subjects, such as firearm inventory updates for FFLs and recent gun control measures in Connecticut and other states. Throughout the episode, they emphasize the need for clarity and communication regarding these changes.