Lock N Load Podcast: Episode 10 - Understanding Lead Poisoning for Gun Enthusiasts: A Crucial Health Discussion with MGI Fire-Arms

Lock N Load Podcast

13-11-2023 ‱ 34 min

Welcome back to the Lock NLoad Podcast, where we're diving deep into a crucial but often overlooked topic in the gun community: lead poisoning. I'm your host, Josh, joined by my co-host, Michele, and today's special guest, Ricardo Gibson, owner of MGI Fire-Arms and a passionate educator with a rich background in teaching.

In this episode, we're shedding light on the dangers of lead poisoning, especially prevalent among gun owners and enthusiasts. We discuss our personal experiences with lead poisoning, symptoms to look out for, and the importance of regular lead level testing. Ricardo shares his journey from being new to firearms to becoming an advocate for safe gun handling and awareness about lead-related health issues.

We delve into the varied aspects of lead exposure in shooting ranges, both indoor and outdoor, and the surprising ways lead can infiltrate our lives through handling ammunition and firearms. The discussion covers practical tips for minimizing lead exposure, like using specialized soaps, changing clothes after range visits, and even the importance of where and how you clean your firearms.

This episode is essential listening for anyone regularly involved with firearms, whether you're an instructor, a frequent range visitor, or just starting in the world of guns. Your health could depend on this knowledge!

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