As An Athlete

Say Less With Kaz, Lowkey and Rosy

25-01-2021 • 1 hora 36 min

On today's episode of "Say Less," Kaz, Lowkey and Rosy talk about Championship Sunday and the upcoming Super Bowl LV matchup between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes as well as Conor McGregor getting slept on Saturday night. The crew also talk about hope for the New York Jets if they land Deshaun Watson and much more. Also discussed are Hennessy Memories, Chet Hanks, and who is the true athlete out of everyone on the show. We set up the upcoming Say Less Pentathlon and have our trainers Zeus (@ZeusOfQLF) and Shaadie (@ShaadieFit) call in to give their opinions on the athletic prowess of Kaz, Low and Rosy. Bucs Take NFC - 00:00:25 Hopes For The Jets - 00:01:50 Happy Brown Liquor - 00:02:24:23 As An Athlete - 00:08:02 Say Less Pentathlon - 00:12:18 Tom Hanks And His Jamaican Son - 00:24:23 Kaz's Hoop Dreams - 00:26:00 Kyrie's Back For The Better? - 00:30:00 Kaz & Lowkey Turtle Race - 00:48:20 Talking To Trainers - 00:56:30 Inauguration 2021 - 01:08:30 Conor Takes An L - 01:22:45 -- -- Follow Say Less: Watch the full video of the podcast on Hosts: @Kazeem, @LowKeyUHTN and @ItsRosy @SayLessWithKaz - Instagram @SayLessWithKaz - Twitter Theme Song Produced by BlaaqGold Outro Produced by Krish Records Produced and Edited by Eddin Martinez and Jake Salter Learn more about your ad choices. Visit