Kaz's Tight Pants Intervention

Say Less With Kaz, Lowkey and Rosy

09-11-2020 • 1 hora 42 min

On today's episode of "Say Less," Kaz and Lowkey talk about the historic election in the United States, what it means for people going forward, washed bachelor parties and more. But more importantly, the Say Less crew finally approach Kaz with an intervention on the tightness of his pants and other questionable fashion choices over the years. Giants Playing Washington - 00:21 Kaz Wearing Tight Pants - 15:00 Biden/Harris Win - 20:20 Say Less Tight Pants Interventions - 34:40 New Turning Point For The US - 51:00 Kaz's Pants Are Still Really Tight - 1:04:00 Bachelor Party - 1:11:00 People Were Celebrating The Win Heavy - 1:35:00 Follow Say Less: Watch the full video of the podcast on YouTube.com/Kazeem. For more, subscribe to Patreon.com/SayLess Hosts: @Kazeem, @LowKeyUHTN and @ItsRosy @SayLessWithKaz - Instagram @SayLessWithKaz - Twitter Theme Song Produced by BlaaqGold Outro Produced by Krish Records Produced and Edited by Eddin Martinez Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices