How's It Goin' Down?

Say Less With Kaz, Lowkey and Rosy

05-04-2021 • 1 hora 44 min

On today's episode of "Say Less," Kaz joins the show fresh off of getting the vaccination and Lowkey and Rosy try their best to get through the show as the side effects kick in mid-show. The three also talk in depth about why people are apprehensive about getting the shot, what to expect in a post-COVID world and much more. They also talk about DMX, who is currently in dire states in the hospital, and all of the legendary moments he's brought to music. Kaz also places himself on Old Takes Exposed (since this episode was taped Saturday morning) and explains why the women's national tournament has been more lit than the men's tournament (mybad, Jalen Suggs). Also discussed, the amount of truly creepy folks who made Bhad Bhabie an instant millionaire courtesy of OnlyFans, Power 105's greatest radio moments, Durant vs. Rappaport as well as taking it easy even though cannabis has been legalized in New York.

7:00 - Kaz got the Vaxxy

28:00 - The Strength Of Women's College Basketball

32:50 - Bhad Bhabie On Only Fans

45:50 - Prayers Up For DMX

1:02:30 - Power 105.1 Has The Top Radio Moments

1:14:00 - KD Vs Rappaport

1:36:15 - Bud is Legal In NY


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