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Ad Astra Magazine is a quarterly publication from the National Space Society, now in audio from Multiverse Media! Featuring stories on the settlement of space, entrepreneurs of the new space age, and the efforts of NASA and international space agencies to explore the final frontier. read less
Issue #2, 2023 [Special Space Education Edition]
Issue #2, 2023 [Special Space Education Edition]
Ad Astra: The NSS Magazine in Audio [S2, Ep. 2] Special Space Education Edition A Co-Production of Multiverse Media and The National Space Society In this episode: 1. Editor's Column: A Stellar Education - By Rod Pyle, NSS Editor in Chief 2. Executive Column: New Inspiration - By Isaac Arthur, NSS President 3. The Where Behind the What -  By Anthony Paustian, NSS Vice President of Marketing 4. It's Not (Just) Rocket Science!:  Educating the Next Generation of Space Leaders Today - By Dr. Greg Autry 5. Launching Your Space Career: Preparing for the Cosmos Economy - By Dr. Jack Gregg 6. The Gerard K. O'Neill Space Settlement Contest - By Melissa Silva, NSS Assistant Editor 7. Star Pupils: The Education of a Rocket Scientist - By John F. Kross 8. Spawning NewSpace Careers: Four Decades of the Space Settlement Design Competitions - By Ad Astra Staff 9. Reaching For The Stars: Education is the First Step Toward Space Settlement - By Melissa Silva, with Lynne F. Zielinski and Frances Dellutri 10. Advancing The Cause: The National Space Society and the Club for the Future Pay It Forward - By David Armes 11. *Book Review* Space Education: Preparing Students for Humanity's Multi-Planet Future by Dr. Mark D. Wagner - Reviewed by Rod Pyle   Buy this issue at: Find out more about the National Space Society at: Find out more about Multiverse Media at: Follow the National Space Society on Twitter: @nss Follow Multiverse Media on Twitter: @Multiverse_Grp