Season 3 Episode 3 Death, Detox & Re-birth with Rebecca O'Reilly

Grow Free with Emma B

15-11-2022 • 54 min

In this episode, I explore the theme of death, detox and re-birth with nutritionist, naturopath and fellow plant-enthusiast Rebecca O’Reilly.

To grow – and to grow free – means to continually let go of anything that gets too small or restrictive. Like a snake shedding its skin, we humans can shed personality forms and habits that worked in one moment, but no longer serve us. Only we often don’t shed these skins.

Why not? Trauma – unresolved – keeps us stuck on repeat. The process of healing from trauma can be an uncomfortable and intense shedding of emotions and experiences that were too overwhelming for the resources we had and got stuck within us.

The physical, bodily aspect of this process has been becoming clearer in recent years.  Never have we lived in a time with so many toxins and stressors. Many of us are experiencing chronic health issues.  Yet we live in a time where our emotional intelligence is rising, and our knowledge base is shifting rapidly and radically into a new paradigm.  I decided to explore the issue of allowing old, toxic parts of ourselves to ‘die’ with someone who is at the forefront of nutrition and the quantum intelligence of plants to support our healing and wholeness.

Rebecca O’Reilly is a certified holistic nutritionist, naturopath, and health coach. Her purpose is to help you transform your health; to overcome chronic and mystery illness and find freedom from the symptoms and conditions that hold you back.

Long COVID, Autoimmune dis-ease, Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, SIBO, IBS, Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, UTIs, Anxiety

Sound familiar?

Maybe you suffer with just one of the above or a combination of seemingly disconnected symptoms, just like Rebecca did. Either way, these are just a few of the issues that are greatly misunderstood in the health community, where diagnoses are doled out without real understanding of the true cause or how to treat them.

But there are answers and that’s what Rebecca is here to share.

Based in Bath, UK, she works with clients both locally and all over the world, through my online and in-person practice.

In this episode we discussed:

Rebecca’s journey with trauma, healing and food

The correlation between psychological death and re-birth and cleansing and re-building our bodies.

The specific contribution of certain plants like wild blueberries, elder, and dandelion for supporting detoxification and nourishment.

I LOVE recording this episode. I hope you find it helpful. We are hoping that Rebecca may join us to create courses and community that members of Grow Free can benefit from.

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