The Battlefield - Part 2

The Bible Chapel Sermons

12-11-2023 • 36 min

The war has been won. Jesus won and we win. Now…the battles continue, and we must be battle-ready.

We have learned that the battle comes from three fronts: World. Flesh. Devil. In our temptations, one source may take the lead. It may be Satan taking the lead, the culture we live in enticing us, or the desires of the flesh. But all three are always involved in the battle. We learned from 1 Cor 10:13 that God will always give us what we need in every test and temptation.

Last time, we considered Genesis 3 where Satan's temptations came in the Garden. He led man to doubt God, become disillusioned with God, and finally, give into the desires of the flesh. In the Garden, Satan tempted man at his strongest.



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