02-01-23 Interview - Jordan Carson - Have You Seen Any of These He Gets Us Commercials

The Mandy Connell Podcast

01-02-2023 • 11 min

HAVE YOU SEEN ANY OF THESE COMMERCIALS? When I saw this the first time, I was genuinely shocked in a good way. Someone is trying to meet people where they are to talk about God. Today I'm talking with Jordan Carson, the Communications Director for He Gets Us which is the organization behind the ads. You can see a whole bunch of them here and they are really, really good, well produced and thought provoking. I want to know where this came from and frankly thank them for doing it. I think if more people turned to God instead of politics or global warming or drugs or alcohol we'd be a whole lot better off and if this works on anyone it is a success. This is one of the spots that will air during the Super Bowl: