How to Know If You Are An Expert

Motherhood Merged

21-01-2021 • 14 min

Do you consider yourself an industry leader or expert?

I didn't always understand that I am, in fact, an expert. There was a time when I  would have never labeled myself as an industry leader or expert. It felt too self-absorbed or like too much ego to proclaim myself in that way. I also realized that I wasn't confident in my methods or processes.

With time, I've become confident in my message because I always share about something I truly am an expert on: my way. ⠀

I'm the only one qualified to talk about me. To share my experiences and my unique ways of navigating this journey I am on which includes life as a working professional and mother.

In this episode, I share the three criteria you can use to ensure that you have earned the title of an industry leader or expert.

Your homework for this episode: write the words I AM AN EXPERT on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere you will see every single day. Take a picture of your note to yourself and share it with me on Instagram. I will remind you to believe it every day because you have earned it.

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Erin Kraebber is a marketing strategist for local businesses and service providers.

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