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Heah Min An

Born in a family in 1984, Min An took the path that I'm probably going through now – PAP kindergarten, River Valley Primary School, Monk’s Hill Secondary School, Catholic Junior College, National Service plus 5 other jobs. Rooted in the principles of value investing since September 2010, he applies these steps constantly to his surroundings – watch F&B owners run their stalls, observe what the markets pay with their dollars, calculating the business revenue that he eyes on, to name a few daily activities. If I see him on the streets, say “Hi, I listened to your podcast”. P.S. Why does he care so much about creating a podcast for me? His friends and families motivated him when they feedback that his experience, which may not be totally right, boosted their understanding of the proper investing steps. Why not publish them? And there he went. Connect and follow Min An so that we all can learn from each other. read less