Where Representation Matters

Where Different Matters

05-04-2022 • 35 min

In this episode, Rachel interviewed Professor Ramón Esquivel and Professor Hala Baki - two professors of color in the Theatre department at Cal Poly. They discussed inclusion, or lack-thereof, in the institution of theatre and how it affects their work at Cal Poly. They both engage in a wealth of activism-related activities, including the discussion of a film that Professor Baki helped hold and a Teach-In session that Professor Esquivel led. They also gave insight into how we can change the culture of racial discrimination in artistic spaces. This is a discussion that is revealing of the state of theatre today, as well as the way underrepresented groups are treated in the greater San Luis Obispo community.
Produced by:
Rachel Kupfer-Weinstein
With help from:
Sam Kohn