Send us your funny Catholic stories!


29-11-2022 • 1 min

We'll have a new episode ready for you in a couple weeks, but for now we’d love to invite you to share your stories! In the past we have asked you to share your experiences, and you have come through. From questions about navigating Catholic family to stories about how you chose your confirmation name, we are so appreciative of the ways you have contributed your voices to the podcast.

While we’re certainly never afraid to shy away from the bleaker parts of Catholicism, this week’s call for stories takes a little bit lighter tone. We want you to share your funny Catholic stories. What is it about the solemnity of a Catholic Mass that can lead many of us to end up with a case of the giggles? Maybe you attended a Catholic Baptism or wedding where things went sideways. Or you were an alter server trying to hold it together as everything went downhill. Truly, who among us has never found ourselves in a bit of trouble for laughing in church?

Send us your stories! You can write up your story or email us a voicemail at Or you can simply leave us a voicemail at 505-6-lapsed. We cannot wait to hear from you.